Posh hen houses

Our ducks and hens have a standard garden shed with roosting bars and nest boxes as well as a second building which is our recycled shop cut down to size and in its 12th year. With a 30 foot square pen with 6 foot high chicken wire and another foot of wire under ground a safe place to be when not enjoying the delights in the garden. Not the most stylish of pads but certainly practical for the number we have (9 ducks, 2 hens and a rescued cockerel). The cockerel was not planned after our experience with Chanticleer the psycho however we could not reject him when a neighbour turned up with him after her dog had been using him as a chew. Lucky is more docile and is not into hunting Sarah and is making good progress finding his voice and eager to greet his female companions now.

With the upsurge in popularity of hen houses the range of accommodation is certainly increasing. Some are certainly more suited to the city than out here in rural cork however I do like the green one at the bottom.

4 thoughts on “Posh hen houses”

  1. I love some of the things people come up with! lol The pink egg looks hideous!

    I really like the tall light wood house and the green one at the end.


  2. The Secret Gardener

    Hi Ryan.

    The pink egg was on show at Hampton court eye catching but bad taste and the tall one was at Hampton as well. I did have a web link for them but unable to find it currently. They did a range of excellent urban hen houses.

    The green one is through http://www.chic-hens.ie/home.html


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