A glut of potatoes

With a glut of potatoes from the vegetable patch I need to get creative with the potato recipes. My varieties are currently Jersey Royals with their delicate papery skins, which holds the flavour, and Golden Wonder with a rich flavour which improves with storage.
I was recommended Homity Pie a traditional English open vegetable pie, the pastry case contains a potatoes and an onion & leek mixture, which is then covered with cheese. (apple adds interest, but isn’t traditional). Sounds nice but not a fan of melted cheese.
So decided to do some research the Jersey Royal has it’s own website with a section on delicious recipes. This had me salivating Saute king dived scallops with Jersey Royal New Potatoes, crisp pancetta and garden pea puree. Follow the link for some great ideas.
Sadly it seems the humble Golden Wonder has not been given it’s own website however it still gets many listings.
For me you can not beat growing your own spuds and the taste is definitely much improved and all in the knowledge they have no chemicals either

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