The plastic beehive: Beehaus

The good people who make plastic hen and other animal houses have gone into the bee hive market with the Beehaus available in a range of colours (yellow, red, purple white and green). Although I am not a fan of plastic houses this may appeal to people and could get more people keeping bees. This is the sales bumph

Beehaus Green
The beehaus is specially designed for keeping bees in your garden or rooftop. Developed to provide your bees with a safe, modern home in which to live it makes beekeeping straightforward and fun. The beehaus comes complete with everything your bees need. You can also use the wizard above to order the starter kit which includes a beesuit, hive tool, smoker, gloves and even some bees!
4 Cover boards
These fit on top of the main body of the hive or on top of the supers. They act as individual lids so that you can close and open up sections of the hive.

2 Clearer boards
These are used to clear bees from the supers when the honey is ready for harvesting. They can also be used to feed your bees extra supplies.

4 Supers
Each super holds 5 national sized frames – enough to store approximately 7 kgs of honey.

Every beehaus is shipped with 11 deep national brood frames (often called 14×12 frames) and 10 National super frames – including wax foundation sheets for all frames.

4 Queen excluders
Stops the queen laying eggs in the honey supers.

Hive divider
Converts your beehaus into two seperate hives.

4 Honey jars
Still taking wine to dinner parties? Your own home made honey is much more exclusive.

Beekeeping guide
A complete guide to keeping bees packed with useful advice.

30 Day money back guarantee
If you are not entirely satisfied with your beehaus we offer a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee.

And to buy one of these £465 or likely to be on sale here in Ireland with an extortionate price so will guess at somewhere around the €600 mark

Follow the link to see the founder of Beehaus, Johannes Paul, introduce the plastic hive that could bring the traditionally rural art of beekeeping to the city dweller.

Love to hear what others think of this particularly traditional bee keepers. I would certainly suggest that people seek professional advice or visit their local beekeeping association before making a decision.

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