19th December 2010:

Snow is something that as a child I craved, it brings back memories of making snowmen in the garden, great snowball fights and the pleasure of being sent home from school. On the close I grew up in, collectively adults and children would dig two tracks up the hill to every drive to allow the cars to return safely home. The sense of achievement was incredible and not once did we complain. Life went on as normal with the snow, and in my memory the snow was deep and remained on the ground for many days. From my bedroom window I would look out to Rivington Pike and the mast on Winter Hill (part of the West Pennine Moors).

Roll on many years and a different country in which I live and snow seems to be making a regular return. Does it create the same feelings?

In our adult lives the awareness of the impact of the snow and cold temperatures brings a different thought process. As a small business owner the impact in a rural location is one which we have quickly learnt kills off trade. The ability to get out and about becomes one where the decision is based on risk and whether it is essential. The number of road deaths in Ireland is already high enough without the majority of roads receiving any treatment. I am aware that snow can leave others isolated and even our wildlife needs an helping hand.

On the other hand I still get a feeling of excitement at seeing how the simple structures around us are altered, how the landscape becomes even more beautiful. I love the light levels at night when the moon makes everything look magical and mostly I love the pleasure it brings to my own children. I hope their memories of snow remain, as do mine….

2 thoughts on “Snow”

  1. It seems like a different world…
    I specially like the trees with snow…the silence and the peace.
    Even in the farm everything looks different.
    Hope you have a happy new year!!

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