Apple day

Yesterday we had our very successful ‘Apple Day’ here at The Secret Garden Centre. Our celebration of all things Apple was very well attended and the feedback was really positive. We had John McNamara of McNamara’s Nursery who with his wealth of experience was able to offer advice on the growing of apples. John also […]

Repak Recycling Week 09

Recycling conserves our valuable natural resourcesRecycling saves energyRecycling protects the environmentRecycling can save money With such good reasons there is no reason why people should not be recycling rather than adding to landfill or burning which seemed to be so common when we first came over. With recycling centres in place and us the lovely […]

Those dreaded wasps

At long last those pesky buggers seem to have gone for this year. With the opening of our new tea room last month and the abundance of wasps it didn’t make for a great combination. Fairly calm until they come near my ears and then the common sense approach goes out the window and the […]