Autumn Flowers Urn

Autumnal Wedding Flowers

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”  ~ Albert Camus I love this quote. I can’t deny a sense of sadness when summer is over, the swallows have left and the garden is feeling a bit like Cinderella at five to midnight, but there is so much still to be celebrated. …

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mindfulness gardening

Mindful Gardening.

This time of the year, the garden takes on a slightly frantic air  (OK, maybe I’m projecting there, you’re right, it’s me that’s frantic). There’s just so much to be done and not enough time to do it, plus the midges are biting already, my back is giving out and dammit, I’m tired! But, but, …

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Cut organic flowers and bouquets

A New Year, A New Beginning

A new departure for The Secret Garden…. The Secret Garden is relaunching in February offering an exciting new range of products and services: Flowers from The Secret Garden –flowers and arrangements, grown locally, with love and without the use of chemicals, offering exceptional range and quality. We are looking forward to sharing life’s key events …

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Open all hours!!!!

Not this autumn/winter anyway. Where our winter hours previously would have meant closing at 5pm from November to February we have decided to alter them quite significantly this year. Instead we shall be closing at 5pm from October to February and will be open from Thursday to Sunday. This has been a decision we made …

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Thursdays Treat: A summer of flowers

While watering in the tunnel this evening, this little beauty caught my eye and Dahlia’s provide a regular treat throughout the whole summer. Grown from a bulb it has provided flowers all through the summer months and still has more to come.

3/3 isn’t that bad!

Nominated in 3 categories and surprisingly shortlisted in all 3 categories. Well the plan of Secret Garden celebration Vino is still a possibility, although the wasps have decimated the grapes here, so I may have to buy a bottle and make a Secret Garden label. In the meantime I took a picture of three rather …

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Thursday’s Treat: Is Ruby Tuesday.

Helenium ‘Ruby Tuesday’ doesn’t offer just a visual treat with its beautiful ruby-red daisy flowers with dark brown eyes it also offers a nectar treat encouraging butterflies and other wildlife into the garden. Perfect for pots with its bushy and compact size this is most certainly a treat for any garden.

Tulips from…….?

Photo credit: Knot If you answered Amsterdam please press play below. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] Indeed it is the obvious answer and any QI fans will understand the Klaxon, however the correct answer is from ‘West Cork’. We have just received a delivery of Tulips, Daffodils and Alliums from West Cork …

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