Growise at The Secret Garden

(26th February 2011) For this year we have altered our primary compost supplier as we have been looking to find a product which lessens the impact on the environment. For that reason we shall be supplying Bord na Mona’s Growise and Peat Free products.

The Peat Free range speaks for itself and includes the Peat Free Organic Vegetable compost and the Peat Free Multi Purpose both in a 56 ltr size, and both are rich in organic matter and nutrients to ensure healhy growth the natural way without artificial fertilisers.

The Growise range will replace our current peat based products and has the following advantages.

In keeping with Bord Na Móna’s ‘New Contract With Nature’ the success of Growise is based on matching sustainable green compost containing a natural blend of macro and micronutrients. The range contains a minimum of 20% green compost derived from grass cuttings, hedge clippings and other green organics composted at their state of the art facility at Kilberry, Co. Kildare. This is blended with the superb Irish peat which is recognised as having the best organic structure in the world, for plant growth. 

Growise is the only Irish compost diluted with 20% sustainable green compost in the Irish Market and all of the range carry the Guaranteed Irish logo.

And the other great thing is that the Multi Purpose 75 ltr and 56 ltr have a special promotion where you can get three bags for the price of two. So better for the environment as well as your pocket.

3 thoughts on “Growise at The Secret Garden”

  1. The team at Bord na Mona Horticulture would like to thank you for choosing the Growise range of Compost, bark and mulches for the Secret Garden. We wish you every success for the season ahead.

  2. Quite simply- The ‘Peat Free Organic Vegetable Compost’ and ‘Peat Free Multi Purpose’- Is this 100% ‘peat free’ or just ‘peat reduced’ too like the rest of the products in the range???

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