Filled with animals, birds and wildlife….it could be an animal farm

(17th March 2011) When we moved here back in 2002 we arrived with two rescue greyhounds Mo and Mutley. Two very different dogs, Mo a very placid affectionate guy and Mutley our affectionate bruiser loved people but not great with small furry things.

Shortly after coming here  an offer of two ducks that needed a home was made. So the planned arrival of ‘Posh & Becks’ meant I had to use my D.I.Y skills to build them a home that was fox and Mutley proof. The initial haphazard creation I had constructed was quickly replaced with the old shop/shed which was cut down and recycled. The new accommodation was very grand and spacious.

The topic changed to how large the space was and how nice it would be to have a few more ducks and being the usual push over the menagerie grew and grew. This was not helped with the fact that at our quarterly farmers markets where a local supplier brought all kinds of unusual ducks and chickens that Sarah and our two boys would look at me with sad eyes until I succumbed.

Mutley sadly passed away and in his place came the very gentle Martha another greyhound, shortly after we were adopted by a cat who has been with us for over three years. Kipper cat as named by the boys was half blind, half deaf but quicly fitted in enjoying the attention of visitors here.

With ten ducklings arriving unexpectedly one morning and a half savaged cockerel ‘Rocky’ arriving courtesy of his rescuer the menagerie was growing in size. So the accommodation had to be increased, this time a wooden garden shed was built and fits the bill perfectly keeping them secure at night or when we are not present.

If you do visit you will come across our flock of free-range chickens and ducks, including Indian Runners, Khaki Campbells and Aylesbury, they wander through the garden centre during the day and they are fantastic for searching out the slugs and any cake crumbs.

Our latest addition was a dumped little terrier who has won his way into our hearts and now Monty (Don) is here to stay even if he does chew my socks and shoes. So when you visit the garden centre you also get the pleasure of our pets as well as the abundant birds and other wildlife. So for the moment our collection is staying as is, that is until the next animal  adopts us.

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