April 2009

Going native

It has been fantastic to see the increase in the number of people who are now planting native hedging rather than the likes of leylandii or griselinia. And from this picture of Blackthorn can you blame them. With choices of blackthorn, hawthorn, sessile oak, mountain ash, goat willow,viburnun opulus, fuschia, alder, birch, elder, holly, wild …

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And so he returns

30th April 2009: And true to his word Patrick returned, albeit at the ungodly hour of 7am. Not sure who was more surprised, me to see Patrick or Patrick to see me in my attire that only dogs, chickens and ducks see and they don’t seem to mind the wellies, boxers and a jumper look. …

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Twas the night before Patrick

29th April 2009: At long last Patrick Browne and his trusty diggers have arrived on site to start the process of our new development, unless he is using as a storage yard. Watch this space for updates as our new building and facilities develop.

Strike 3 you are out

29th April 2009: Already having hens and ducks the introduction of a cockerel was made easier and Sarah being a soft touch allowed for Chanticleer to join our merry brood. He was meant to have been a hen and his owners already had a cockerel so he needed a new home. Even I with my …

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