Not quite day of the triffids

Having just watched the remake of the classic film ‘Day of The Triffids’ over the Christmas it made me think of Ireland’s own invasive plant species. The issue that invasive species bring about is that they threaten the native biodiversity. This is done through a variety of different mechanisms and it can even change the […]

The Apple Source Book

I received a delightful gift of the above book. It really is a treasure trove of apple knowledge and includes information on apple varieties and their origin, recipes from over fifty chefs, food writers and gardeners as well how to attract wildlife to your orchard. It really is the bible of all things apple and […]

Our green Father Christmas

Given our green ethos we felt it would be a tad unnecessary on the air miles to have the real Father Christmas come and join us for our Christmas markets. So with the perfect candidate in mind we approached our potential candidate in December 2007. With lots of apprehension and with the promise of eternal […]

Christmas tree – real or artificial?

Having finally sold out of our last Christmas tree I was left pondering the environmental impact of the two choices. I have to say personally I prefer real trees both for the scent and the traditional aspect however when you see some of the artificial ones they are tempting. The Irish grown Noble or Nordman […]