Late Night Shopping at The Secret Garden Centre

Late Night Shopping at The Secret Garden Centre Where you can peruse in peace, enjoy relaxing retail therapy and have a calming coffee at the same time. An opportunity to see our unique and affordable giftware and local crafts. Range includes Christmas confectionery from Pandora Bell, and both home and gardening gifts. Late night shopping […]

New Products: The Waspinator, Crumb Rubber Mulch and Greenworthy biodegradable plant ties.

(9th July 2011)Three new great,green products are now in stock and include………. The Waspinator “Wasps are very “visual” insects. They depend on a keen sense of sight to catch moving prey. Predatory Insects, like many wasps and all yellowjackets, have large, prominent compound eyes. Other insects that hunt live prey also have very large compound […]