I am a gardener not a terrorist…..

So you have been on your holiday to America seeing family and friends, and on the morning of your flight you decide to do some last minute gardening maybe using some fertiliser as your plant knowledge is utilised before your return. Several hours later at the airport you have gone through all the security measures […]

National Nest Box Week

Such an easy thing to do and full of rewards. So I encourage you all get out buy, build or borrow a box and give the birds a home. Our nest box with camera proved such a hit as well as a learning curve for those who watched the scenes of nest preparation, to egg […]

Spring Alive

The Spring Alive project is a simple birdwatching survey that we can all take part in. All you have do is register your sightings of Swallows, Swifts, Cuckoos and Penguins(well it has been cold) through the online survey. The information that is collated is then used to look at bird migration patterns in Europe. The […]

Even greener…..potentially

I opened a second email yesterday from the Green Awards Ireland 2010 thinking that it was a duplicate of the one I received on friday in my sleepy state. On reading it properly today I am delighted to say The Secret Garden centre has also been shortlisted as a finalist for The Green Retailer catergory.

A horticultural holiday

Europe’s first horticultural theme park will be opening in April 2010 in Angers France, and its theme is purely plants and their role in daily life in an educating and fun manner. It sounds an interesting concept, when I suggested it at the breakfast table I certainly got strange looks however once I had the […]