A perfect background!!!!

When we put up the shop, the range of colours for varnishing in the recommended product (Sikkens) were somewhat limited (Pine, Light Oak, Dark Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, Ebony, Teak) We selected Pine and after nine and a half years of topping it up, the pine is now much more like a brassy orange tan. So […]

The Garden Tuck Shop is Open!!!!

Just back from driving and I was feeling peckish….for a moment I nearly succumbed to eating the dreaded chocolate biscuit. However as the veg patch needed watering, I found my own healthy treats in the garden. And even better they contain no nasty chemicals. Coming soon pudding. In the meantime try Greenside Up’s Strawberry Smoothie […]

Plant of the week: Agapanthus

With this unusual balmy summer weather we are experiencing, this weeks ‘Plant of the Week’ is well suited to drought conditions. The architectural Agapanthus (African Blue lily) is a clump forming perennial with its strap shaped leaves and stout stems bearing blue and more rarely white trumpet shaped flowers. We currently have two gorgeous varieties […]

Feeling hot hot hot!!!

A funky song title from the 80’s as well as a great summary for the heat wave that us currently hitting Ireland. So just how hot is it? Well apparently this hot and beyond from the various in car thermometer images doing the rounds on twitter and Facebook. Well it’s not only gardeners who are […]

Plant of the week: Fuschia

Sarah’s plant of the week has elegant flowers from now through to the first frost, with their rich diversity of lovely hanging lanternlike flowers from pure white to deepest purple. May I introduce the fabulous Fuschia. The fuschia for me creates evocative memories of coastal drives in Cork and Kerry during summer. And is a […]