Annes Grove Gardens

For what ever reason the gardens at Annes Grove do not get the visitor numbers they deserve. In a selfish way this is a blessing as you can always enjoy the beauty of the place without masses of people however it really does deserve to be shown off to more people. So if you are […]

Raised beds and much more

The pictures don’t show the real size of these beds but at just over 2.5 feet in depth and three foot wide and a lengthy 8 foot long they are pretty huge. And believe me filling them certainly had Alan and Brian cursing after numerous barrow loads of top soil before adding the quality stuff […]

Natures outdoor theatre

It is always a pleasure to enjoy the garden more so when it is filled with the array of entertaining insects. The bumble bees and honey bees from our own hives have discovered the delights in the garden now that the whitethorn flowers in the hedgerows have died down. Just outside our back garden we […]

The perfect rose

Rose de Recht has the most striking deep pink flowers and although the bloom is only two and a half inches inches across and consisting of up to 100 petals it certainly grabs your attention. The growth habit of Rose de Rescht is upright, and compact, a tidy and well-shaped bush that will gradually grow […]

A place for birds

One thing we really enjoy at The Secret Garden is the number and range of birds that share our home and garden. At the end of last year we put up this camera nesting box on the front of the shop. In the spring a pair of blue tits took up as tenants and began […]

A grand entrance

We are delighted with our new wider entrance and gates courtesy of Patrick our very multi-skilled builder, carpenter, gatemaker etc etc. The gates fit in well with the native hedgerow and once the wall is planted it will look even better. A grand entrance to our lovely Secret Garden.

Getting the most from your roses.

Getting The Most From Your Roses A FREE talk & demonstration at The Secret Garden on the most beautiful flower in the garden. A basic guide to growing them healthily, reducing the need for spraying. Topics covered include planting, feeding, pruning and pest & disease.Special Offers on Roses on the day. Saturday 21st June, 3 […]

Greens disappointed with electoral outcome

“This has been a deeply disappointing election for the Green Party. The thousands of canvassers and supporters and our hundred candidates across the country are rightly saddened and frustrated by the outcome of Friday’s elections. I have been talking to our councillors who were not re-elected, and will continue to talk to Party members and […]

One for the book shelf.

Take it as your new vegetable patch bible. Definitely worth purchasing or get a copy at your library. Drawing directly from his experience as an acclaimed climate-change gardener, and of setting up a kitchen garden from scratch for River Cottage, Mark explains the practical aspects of organic growing, introduces us to a whole world of […]

Thank goodness for rain

After over a week of lovely hot summers days I am glad to see some rain. Not least as it will mean less watering and being able to blog again but the plants will appreciate a good soaking. My five weeks of hard work are nearly up so it will be a return to my […]

Can we borrow

Not our own image but the bedding shelves are bare in The Secret Garden. Was a great weekend with bedding being very popular. A great complaint with new and old faces all complementing how pretty the place looks and how good our plants are.