New Products: The Waspinator, Crumb Rubber Mulch and Greenworthy biodegradable plant ties.

(9th July 2011)Three new great,green products are now in stock and include………. The Waspinator “Wasps are very “visual” insects. They depend on a keen sense of sight to catch moving prey. Predatory Insects, like many wasps and all yellowjackets, have large, prominent compound eyes. Other insects that hunt live prey also have very large compound …

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(7th April 2011) Provenance : The beginning of something’s existence; something’s origin. A posh definition of where something comes from and particularly important to The Secret Garden as we look to select local nurseries so we support local enterprise and also reduce our carbon footprint. Within 40 minutes of the garden centre there are 2 …

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Double Green

(21st March 2011) Double green we have been shortlisted for The Green Corporate Citizen Award and The Green Retailer Award in The Green Awards of Ireland. This is fantastic recognition of our strive to be a greener garden centre.


19th December 2010: Snow is something that as a child I craved, it brings back memories of making snowmen in the garden, great snowball fights and the pleasure of being sent home from school. On the close I grew up in, collectively adults and children would dig two tracks up the hill to every drive …

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Naked Gardening

8th May 2010: Sadly I saw this on Saturday evening. So due to lack of awareness and a cold breeze there was no naked gardening at The Secret Garden Centre. However on Mondays when we are closed I am glad we are in a secluded location…. Get ready for the Fifth Annual World Naked Gardening …

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25th April 2010: It would be hard to find a more spectacular flowering shrub or tree than the Magnolia. The older soulangeana varieties herald the end of winter with their stunning mass display of purple and white flowers on the bare branches.In small gardens there is always a place for either the bushy star-flowering stellata …

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