A big thank you

We recently had a double page spread advert to spread the word about our new developments and were kindly supported by several businesses so a big thank you. It seems only fair to give them some credit back so here goes……. All Wood Homes and Log Cabins http://www.woodhomepro.com/ The supplier of our lovely new building […]

Beauty not the beast

No I am not being vain with the title although Mutley always got far more attention than me. We are blessed with a beautiful location and our lane is very scenic. However from time to time we do have those self centred pig ignorant visitors who feel it is ok to show their beastly side […]

No air miles

A much needed break after a long season and lots of painting was required. So to keep our carbon footprint down a break was taken in the delightful Valentia Island in Co Kerry. The beach at Glanleam. My morning view of the bay at Knightstown. A great beach with the Skellig Islands in the background. […]

A green retailer

For many Ikea brings up the image of flat packed furniture, busy checkouts, traffic jams and Swedish food, which is certainly not every ones cup of tea. However there is much more to this giant retailer. The Swedish furniture retailer, has been at the heart of green retailing for many years where they once trod […]

The plastic beehive: Beehaus

The good people who make plastic hen and other animal houses have gone into the bee hive market with the Beehaus available in a range of colours (yellow, red, purple white and green). Although I am not a fan of plastic houses this may appeal to people and could get more people keeping bees. This […]

A glut of potatoes

With a glut of potatoes from the vegetable patch I need to get creative with the potato recipes. My varieties are currently Jersey Royals with their delicate papery skins, which holds the flavour, and Golden Wonder with a rich flavour which improves with storage. I was recommended Homity Pie a traditional English open vegetable pie, […]

The fiery Crocosmia Lucifer

There is nothing more striking than vibrant red flowers at the end of the upright iris-like foliage of Crocosmia Lucifer and over the last couple of weeks I have seen it in so many gardens. It is so versatile in that it looks good in a mixed border of cannas and dahlias, giving a feel […]

a graceful visitor

We have recently been graced with the pleasure of a beautiful hare, as have several of our customers. Rather than seeing it negatively they like us admire these beautiful animals and are keen to ensure their preservation. This is particularly important as Irish hares are going through a dramatic decline in numbers over the last […]

Richad Corrigan finally makes sense

I have kept fairly quite on the recent report commissioned by Britain’s Food Standard Agency last week which concluded that organic food does not provide any significant nutritional or health benefits. There have been lots of comments made and the majority written have been well thought out and make good points about the value of […]

Big windmills

I was on the road today doing a delivery where I had the pleasure of driving up close to Munster Joinery Ireland’s largest window and door company. Not somewhere I would usually rave about however being close allowed me to see the two wind turbines that they installed earlier this year. It is impressive to […]

A dream

It has always been a dream of mine to have a proper tree house. Not just the type where in my youth some planks were precariously balanced on branches and provided a den until the heavens opened. I desire one which can be used in all weathers and could provide me with my own space […]

SGA certified garden centres

I was doing some research on the net and found some information on a scheme which is being run in Australia for garden centres. The scheme recognises garden centres who are passionate about the environment and are committed to reducing their environmental footprints. If the garden centres are able to complete an extensive certification manual, […]


I have always been a lover of trees and adore when you find an unexpected treasure in an open field or you find an area where they have remained unfelled and allowed to age gracefully. Within our own acre we have over 35 trees including Hornbeam, Oak, Zelkova, Birch, Eucalyptus, Prunus, Ash, Malus and sweet […]

Looks good now to paint…..

We have had lots of requests from family and friends to see more images of the new building so here goes. The building is similar to our original shop and is a timber-framed log cabin style constructed from European soft wood sourced from sustainable plantations.As energy efficiency is very close to our hearts the building […]

Summer 09 Noticeboard

Summer 09 Noticeboard Yet another summer of unpredictable weather, but at least this year we have had some good spells to enjoy – let’s hope for more to come! We have lots of news to get through with this newsletter, so to make it as easy to read as possible we have listed major items […]

Master of disguise

I was told a little story by a gold medal winner at Bloom 09 about our Minister for Food and Horticulture. It seems he turned up for his formal duties suited and booted as you would expect for such a grand occasion. It seems he returned on another day in disguise hat and glasses on […]

A greener electricity

“The electricity generating industry is the biggest single source emitter of CO2 worldwide due to a reliance on fossil fuels (such as coal, oil and gas) for energy. Unless something is done about this, climate change will not be successfully tackled. Wind farms are the most economical and technologically advanced means to produce electricity that […]

Roses-tips for success

At this time of the year the rose is one of the most stunning for scent and the array of colours. However not everyone has great success so here are some tips to acheive the perfect rose. Roses – Tips for success.PlantingRoses like clay soil. If your soil is chalky, shallow or sandy you will […]


I was pleased to see The Sunday Times reviewing the Ecobutton in the Greenhouse effects in the Home Section this Sunday. Not only did it remind me of the item but given our use of the computer for ordering, promotion of the business and research etc in between customers it makes sense to consider using […]

Summer in the garden

Summer in the Garden Your garden should be a feast for the senses, especially in the summer when the garden is at its fullest. For sensory overload, try and incorporate plants or features that appeal to all the five senses, and get out there and enjoy your space!Sight: give yourself some colour therapy and pack […]

Irish Gardens

What more can a fella ask for listening to great tunes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F-xOfeZPMw&feature=related and reading a great book with a bottle of red. Just what Friday nights were meant to be. This is a great book by Olda Fitzgerald and highlights 20 gardens within Ireland. They are well described with lovely images and sketch drawings of […]

Hen house heaven

We have had ducks and hens for several years now and are delighted to see the interest in people keeping them. Where we have a large pen and a shed to hold them not every body has that kind of space or only want a couple of hens unlike Sarah with her menagerie. One of […]

Hot library smut

Do not be fooled by the name this is an excellent blog with images of some of the most beautiful libraries around the world. Check it out on http://thenonist.com/index.php/thenonist/permalink/hot_library_smut/

Annes Grove Gardens

For what ever reason the gardens at Annes Grove do not get the visitor numbers they deserve. In a selfish way this is a blessing as you can always enjoy the beauty of the place without masses of people however it really does deserve to be shown off to more people. So if you are […]

Raised beds and much more

The pictures don’t show the real size of these beds but at just over 2.5 feet in depth and three foot wide and a lengthy 8 foot long they are pretty huge. And believe me filling them certainly had Alan and Brian cursing after numerous barrow loads of top soil before adding the quality stuff […]

Natures outdoor theatre

It is always a pleasure to enjoy the garden more so when it is filled with the array of entertaining insects. The bumble bees and honey bees from our own hives have discovered the delights in the garden now that the whitethorn flowers in the hedgerows have died down. Just outside our back garden we […]

The perfect rose

Rose de Recht has the most striking deep pink flowers and although the bloom is only two and a half inches inches across and consisting of up to 100 petals it certainly grabs your attention. The growth habit of Rose de Rescht is upright, and compact, a tidy and well-shaped bush that will gradually grow […]